King Prawns

$5.40 - $35.70

King Prawns are succulent, tasty, rich and are perfect for the braai with a basting of butter, garlic and chilli.

Our prawns come from South Atlantic Waters, are flash frozen at Sea and then shipped to South Africa. After tasting lots of different varieties we think that these are the best and that's why we use them in the restaurant.

Prawn Selection:

Choose 2KG Box - Frozen Whole for prawns that you can put in the freezer and take out and prep yourself as needed or;

Choose 2KG Box - Deveined for prawns that are safely defrosted, deviened, cleaned and butterflied by us at no extra cost. These prawns cannot be frozen again.

Or choose our vacuum packed smaller packages of 5 King prawns at a time

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